Barbara's Story
Barbara’s Story

My breast cancer diagnosis came out of the blue, it was totally unexpected. Being sick was not part of my life plan. However, The Universe had an alternate agenda for me and on reflection, this substitute storyline has been the ‘worst’ and the ‘best’ thing that has happened to me.

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Dave's story
Dave’s Story

Dave tackles cancer treatment with a solid support network of medical professionals and friends. Soccer fan Dave lives in the Northern Beaches area at Dee Why and has attended the centre at Northern Beaches Cancer Care for radiation therapy that has helped him rebound from cancer of the oesophagus.

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Robert's story
Robert and Kimberley’s Story

Going into bat for Dad’s cancer treatment. Like many people advocating for ageing parents with cancer, Kimberley found the process overwhelming and somewhat inflexible. Her desire to seek a second opinion for treatment options led her to consult Northern Beaches Cancer Care.

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Christine's Story
Christine’s Story

A working horticulturalist and keen tennis player, Christine was in her late 60’s when she discovered a lump in her breast. Aided by her independent spirit, helpful friends and family, and the care of her GP and staff at Southside Cancer Care, she has successfully undertaken a course of chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

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Poppy's Story
Poppy’s Story

Poppy has attended the Southside Cancer Care centre at Miranda for chemotherapy that has helped treat her breast cancer following surgery. A life-affirming attitude has helped Poppy through diagnosis, surgery and treatment.

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Carly's Story
Carly’s Story

Sutherland Shire resident and psychologist Carly is working her way through the breast cancer treatment process with a village of supporters by her side, including her family, friends, colleagues and the Southside Cancer Care Centre staff.

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James’ Story

James is comfortable in the care of Southside team. Since 2018 James has been receiving immunotherapy treatment at Southside Cancer Care.

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Patricia’s Story

Pat knows the Southside Cancer Care Centre where she receives treatment very well and she is proof that age is no barrier to health improvements and seeking medical treatment.

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