Help change lives,
every day.

Every role
is vital.

Cancer Care Associates was established through the generosity and enormous drive from the local community. As a Cancer Care Associates Volunteer, you’ll be part of a supportive community. As an integral part of our service, volunteers contribute their knowledge, skills and life experience to support others.

As a volunteer, your support will help to change lives every day. Every role is vital and wherever you decide to volunteer, know that you will be making a life-changing difference to those in our community impacted by cancer.

Cancer Care volunteers.

Volunteering is an extremely rewarding experience and is greatly appreciated.

Currently we have volunteers involved with:

Many of our volunteer roles don’t require any experience or specialist skills, just a caring nature. So, if you’re interested in joining our volunteer community, contact our Volunteers Coordinator on (02) 6932 1000. Alternatively, drop into a centre near you and let our friendly reception staff know you’re interested in becoming a Cancer Care Volunteer.

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