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Clinical trials are being introduced regularly at Cancer Care Associates for many cancer types.

Clinical trials give hope to people facing a cancer diagnosis. We believe they are an essential part of the development of new interventions and treatments that can help us as a community fight cancer.

Why we need clinical trials.

Today, people are living longer lives from successful cancer treatments that are the result of past clinical trials. Through clinical trials, doctors find new ways to improve treatments and quality of life with cancer.

Researchers design cancer clinical trials to test new ways to:

Clinical trials allow doctors to determine whether new treatments are safe and effective and work better than current treatments. They can also help us find new ways to prevent and detect cancer, helping us to improve the quality of life for people during and after treatment.

Learning all you can about clinical trials can help you talk with your doctor and decide what is right for you.

How clinical trials work.

Any time you or a loved one needs treatment for cancer, clinical trials are an option to think about.

Trials are available for all stages of cancer.

Before you are considered a participant in a clinical trial, your oncologist will determine if you are eligible first. Your safety is of the highest importance.

There are guidelines for each clinical trial about who can join, called eligibility criteria. Clinical trials are open to adults and children, however, children under 18 need the permission of their parents or guardians to be involved.

If you are approved for a clinical trial, we take you through a detailed discussion on what to expect from the trial as well as a thorough understanding of the aim of the trial and all tests and observations required. Risks and benefits form a significant part of these discussions. There is no obligation to participate in any clinical trial or to continue to participate should a patient wish to withdraw.

Why take part – the benefits of clinical trials.

When you take part in a clinical trial, you add to our knowledge about cancer and help improve cancer care for future patients. Clinical trials are the key to making progress against cancer.

Why Cancer Care Foundation clinical trials

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