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Cancer is a common disease and a major health problem in Australia today. In fact, it is the leading cause of death in Australia accounting for approximately 27% of all deaths. At current rates, it is expected one in two Australians will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85.

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It is important to remember that the ultimate decision as to how you are treated lies with you.

One of the first steps after being told you have cancer will be learning about your diagnosis. This will help you understand the disease process and get an idea of what lies ahead.

Planning cancer treatment takes time. Cancer treatment should start very soon after diagnosis, but for most cancers, it won’t hurt to wait a few weeks to begin treatment. This gives you the time to talk about all your treatment options with our cancer care team, family, and friends, and then decide what’s best for you.

Treatment varies a lot depending on the type and stage of cancer. Your treatment may mean time in the hospital or making many trips to a clinic for radiation or chemotherapy. You may be able to go to some treatments on your own. For other treatments, someone may need to drive or go along with you. You may need more than one type of treatment, and each type comes with its own challenges.

Whilst management options for the treatment of cancer are complex, Cancer Care Partners is committed to improving the uptake of multidisciplinary cancer care utilising one or more forms of treatment, either simultaneously or consecutively with options including surgery, radiotherapy and drug treatments involving hormones or Chemotherapy and immune modulators.

With your care in mind, your doctor will recommend the most effective means of treatment for your cancer, taking into consideration the exact nature and location of your cancer and all the available current evidence.


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