on-site pharmacist.

At Cancer Care Associates, we have access to an experienced onsite Pharmacist who works as part of our multi-disciplinary team.

Our friendly team of Pharmacists provide evidence-based, patient-focused medication therapy management and direct patient care for all our cancer patients. They also provide assessment of your treatment and monitoring, for potential adverse drug reactions and interactions.

Working alongside your specialist, nurse and extended care team, our onsite Pharmacist provides the opportunity to have access to immediate medication as prescribed, convenience, and peace of mind.

How it

Upon initial consultation a pharmacist will complete a medication reconciliation. This process involves documenting a medication history prior to the patient seeing the Oncologist, then following initial consultation if treatment is prescribed the pharmacist is able to compare the medication history with the treatment prescribed and ensure treatment is safe for the patient. At this point any issues can be flagged with the Oncologist before treatment is commenced. Once the patient is scheduled in for treatment pharmacy will take care of all the medications. This includes; ordering, compounding (mixing the drug) dispensing and supplying all medications prescribed by the Oncologist, providing education to ensure a good understanding of treatment and providing ongoing supply as required. Before supplying medications, the pharmacist will complete various checkpoints such as reviewing blood tests, calculating doses according weight and height and drug interactions. The pharmacist will regularly check in with the patient during their treatment journey and update any information as required, such as new medications.

Benefits of having an on-site Pharmacy.

Currently at Cancer Care Riverina and Southside Clinics.

Frequently asked questions.

Do I have to pay for my medication?

Depending on your treatment and insurance there may be a charge for your medication. It is best to speak to the pharmacist who will be able to go through all costs with you.