James’ Story

James is comfortable in the care of Southside team

Since 2018 James has been receiving immunotherapy treatment at Southside Cancer Care.

He first saw a local doctor who referred him to a haematologist. After the initial consultations, he was put on the list for infusion. His haemotologist, Dr Paul Downe, organised for him to have the infusion process at Southside, where he consults and is the Clinical Services Director.

During his ongoing treatment, James has found the process to be straightforward. Appointments are prescheduled and the treatment process very organised, “they’ve got me on the list, a nurse takes me inside, weighs me and then it’s a matter of putting a canula in my arm, setting the timer and the rate,” says James.

Throughout Covid-19 lockdowns, there were strict procedures to protect staff and patients, but the centre was able to continue delivering treatment to its patients.

James has been very happy with the service at the centre and says, “I wouldn’t go anywhere else if I had the option. They are all very pleasant nurses, and they know what they are doing.”

He appreciates the situation of the Southside clinic. The centre has expansive views looking out on Sutherland Shire treetops and across to Botany Bay and the city skyline. It provides patients with a calming and beautiful outlook while they undergo treatment. James jokes that the setting, which has comfortable chairs and huge windows, reminds him of hotel accommodation, adding, “It’s a pleasure to be there for treatment.”

The Southside Centre is conveniently set up with complementary services such as radiology, pathology and a pharmacy. The onsite pathology laboratory can process patient blood samples on-site within a few minutes, which helps to alleviate patient stress.

James is able to take advantage of the patient car parking arrangements at the Southside centre underneath the building.

If people are told they need treatment, Southside offers a caring service with professional and friendly staff. James affirms, “I’m comfortable in their care.“