Damien Williams

Damien Williams

CEO, Cancer Care Associates, MBA, DAppSc

Damien is the Chief Executive Officer and has been involved with the Cancer Care Group since 1992. With more than 30 years’ experience in Oncology across Sydney and regional NSW, Damien holds a Diploma of Applied Science (Medical Radiation Technology) and an MBA, providing a unique perspective into healthcare management.

Damien is passionate about ensuring both metropolitan and regional cancer patients have access to affordable, high quality health care without wait. Damien brings the mix of clinical expertise and training with many years of management experience to align and guide Cancer Care Associates strategic growth and vision.

In 2002, he helped establish the Riverina Cancer Care Centre, the first regional comprehensive cancer care service in NSW. This experience drove him to ensure regional cancer patients are provided the same level of care as metropolitan patients and lessen the impact on the lives of patients, family, carers and loved ones.

Damien is leading the Cancer Care team as it expands to provide more Australians with access to the comprehensive and high-quality cancer care platform provided at Cancer Care Associates facilities.