Cancer Treatment

Cancer is the leading cause of death in Australia accounting for approximately 27% of all deaths.

The management options for the treatment of cancer are complex. These options include surgery, radiotherapy and drug treatments involving hormones or Chemotherapy (cell poisoning agents) and immune modulators. Cancer Care Associates (CCA) have several Cancer Treatment Centre in Sydney, Australia. The most effective method of treatment of an individual cancer varies, but quite often it involves a multidisciplinary approach, utilising one or more forms of treatment, either simultaneously or consecutively.

Cancer treatment may be administered to patients for curative purposes but may also be given to aide in the palliation of symptoms (pain reduction).

Your Doctor will recommend the most effective means of treatment of your cancer, taking into consideration the exact nature and location of your cancer and all the available current evidence. It is important to remember that the ultimate decision as to how you are treated lies with you, the patient.